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URASOFT combines the power of domain, enterprise and digital technologies to reimagine business processed for customers and their ecosystem.


    People are our biggest assets. This includes the customers we serve, our colleagues and the suppliers we partner with. When customers work with us, they allow us to enter their organization and blend harmoniously with their culture and people. We engage with them to work seamlessly. It's no different when it comes to working with our partners.


    Customers look for support and we make them feel that they can rely on us. It's very important for us to find out how we as an organization can win their trust and continue to function as a dependable unit.


    Our organization is about scale and quality. We take great care to deliver the best to our customers by understanding their needs. Focus, agility and flexibility from our side are always paramount as we go the extra mile to drive success for our customers.


    We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing defect free products and value-added service through innovative solution.

URASOFT combines the power of domain, enterprise and digital technologies to reimagine business processed for customers and their ecosystem. Its consultative and design thinking approach makes societies more productive by helping customers run businesses. URASOFT has 6+ Years of experience and over 50 customers in IT Solutions & Services with focus on digital technologies. URASOFT is a leading provider of Information Technology services & solutions in worldwide and was founded in 2010 and headquartered at U.P India.

URASOFT has been committed to driving business value across multiple industry verticals. URASOFT, today, has emerged as a leading name in propelling the current wave of digital transformation initiatives, with deep domain expertise across BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and Government sectors to drive digital transformation.

Our Mission

Making societies more productive by helping our customers run their businesses.

Our Approach
  • We are a global extension of your in-house facility
  • We integrate seamlessly with our client teams
  • We maintain continuous client interactivity
  • We provide continuous knowledge transfer
  • We rigorously follow communications routines
  • We have highly experienced teams of project managers and consultants
Product Engineering 100%
Enterprise Services 90%
Digital Transformation Services 95%
Startup Software Solutions & Services 98%

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  • Retail

    URASOFT helps retail clients to gain an edge over the competition by focusing on their end customers. We have expertise in implementing digital solutions that redefine the buying experience for customers and boost efficiencies for the business owners.

    Digital technology is giving consumers more choice in where, how and when they buy – in store and online. Faced with these new expectations, retailers need to blend physical and digital experiences and create more meaningful, personal and profitable customer relationships.

    We deliver end-to-end solutions – from design and build to ongoing management, helping retailers to grow sales, drive operational efficiency and deliver a truly differentiated customer experience.

  • In today's environment of rapid evolution and complexity, the healthcare industry is driven to become more digitally-enabled and customer-centric, as well as, have a scalable operational model to deliver improved services. By delivering robust healthcare app development solutions, we can help you empower your digital workforce and improve the patient experience.

    We, at URASOFT, make use of the systematic approach to offer tailored web and mobile development solutions for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical sectors. Our mobile healthcare solutions can help you simplify your business workflow, reduce workload and eliminate human inaccuracy through automation.

    With the use of agile development process, our team of experienced developers can help you create new apps, enhance and amplify the functionality of existing ones, and optimize app performance with the aim to bring down your maintenance overheads as low as possible.

    Our Healthcare App Development Services
    We constantly strive to help healthcare professionals improve their service delivery outcomes through established methods and process of app development.

    Healthcare Web Development
    Custom healthcare software development for medical professionals and institutions including virtual healthcare websites and portals.

    Health Applications
    We enable healthcare mobility by developing mHealth apps that help patients and professionals to monitor health on-the-go.

    Healthcare Infrastructure
    Our healthcare app development services comprise of Data migration, enhanced security and data protection, and continuous monitoring of data.

    Institutional Healthcare Services
    Healthcare IT solutions to better manage the workflow at medical institutes along with remote monitoring and consultation service options.

    Custom Healthcare App Development Solutions
    URASOFT offers a host of healthcare mobility solutions and web applications. We follow the latest trends and ensure that healthcare facilities deliver on patient requirements. Our team provides custom healthcare software development for everything.

    Mobile healthcare solutions
    Feature-rich mobile applications with payment gateways, EHR synching, online consultation, and communication capabilities.

    EHR systems
    Dynamic Electronic Health Record systems to help healthcare facilities maintain valuable data and access it through cloud technology.

    Scheduling apps
    Appointment booking and scheduling apps that enable patients to book an appointment online according to the availability of the doctor.

    Medical insurance apps
    Connect applications for patients and healthcare companies to manage insurance claims online and process them faster.

    Medical chatbots
    Responsive and AI-based medical chatbots that act as personal assistants to patients and doctors for real-time information.

    Healthcare Applications that Match Compliance Standards
    We provide healthcare mobility solutions that comply with all the industry standards and regulations. Our product engineering team builds apps that match international compliance policies.

    HIPAA Compliant Apps
    We build HIPAA-friendly and compliant applications. Our team ensures that all the data is stored securely and protected by the most advanced technology. We provide complete confidentiality of information in the app.

    FDA Compliant Apps
    We provide healthcare application development services in accordance with FDA rules & regulations. Our team builds dynamic web and mobile FDA compliant apps that seamlessly connect doctors with patients.

    HITECH Passed Apps
    We follow all the rules & protocols developed by HITECH to ensure complete security and safety of web applications and the data shared. We ensure that our apps pass the HITECH standards for data protection.

    We develop high-quality apps that adhere to all the data storage, recording, and management rules of GDPR. Our team provides the extra layer of data protection that GDPR demands and gives complete control over privacy.

  • URASOFT is a professional transportation app design company that you can trust. For more than a decade, our team has developed mobile solutions for transporters across the globe. We work with big intermodal companies, logistics firms, regional trucking companies, and start-ups alike.

    The demand for the development services of Transportation & Logistics in India is rising to satisfy progressive requirements. The goal of the prominence of our fleet management is to enhance the presence of all these field management services in the industry.

    Key Benefits of Transportation & Logistics App Development Services

        * Real-time updates
        * GPS Tracking
        * Warehouse Management
        * Vehicle Management
        * Routes and Delivery Schedules
        * Tracking of cargo and productivity

    We're the best Transportation & Logistics App Development Services in India
    Our tech-oriented approach enables you to simplify complex and highly challenging Transportation & Logistics business processes. You can overcome every operation hurdle and personalize your enterprise mobility as per your requirements with our quality Transportation & Logistics App Development Services.

    Taxi Booking App
    We understand what your customers and drivers need from a Taxi Booking App Development services clearly.

    Car Rental App
    Build a Car Rental App by serving business clients who are some of the most frequent users of car rental services.

    Bus Booking App
    Grow your Bus Service business faster with a custom-made Bus Booking App to manage travel bookings more effectively.

    Delivery Management App
    Expand your delivery services with end-to-end route planning, automated dispatch and real-time tracking.

    Rideshare & Carpooling App
    Share your vehicles' empty seats and cut down your commuting cost. Let's make your journey least expensive with our Rideshare & Carpooling App services.

    Trucking & Logistics App
    Get more shipments and orders delivered with our custom-made Trucking and Logistics App Development for the enhancement of your sales profit.

    Shuttle Service App
    Implement a branded shuttle service app to bring affordable, reliable and easy to use shared mobility services to promote convenient and seamless commuting experience for global passengers.

  • URASOFT helps businesses and companies with the digital transformation of financial services by delivering best practices in fintech software development. Financial institutions have realized the importance of tech disruption reshaping the banking and payments industry.

    Outsourcing software development is a really great way to improve operational efficiency and create a better customer experience, among other perks, for your clients in the financial domain at a reasonable price.

    URASOFT is a perfect combination of developers’ expertise and business-savvy management. That creates endless capabilities that enable your companies to leverage the wide technology stack to deliver customer products and services.

    Delivering digital fintech products with a strong fraud prevention mechanism
    We follow a stringent security first approach that is designed and devised for real-time fraud detection and prevention.
    Our team of Fintech experts create architectures to protect your users data, transactions, and network information from DDoS and other attacks by implementing security layers on the application, database, and server coverage.

    Our expertise lies in breaking traditional finance boundaries to provide agility
    URASOFT extensive set of solutions offerings have earned us the reputation of being one of the best fintech software development companies that understands industry’s working and needs.

    Investment solutions
    Our fintech software developers have a competent knowledge of the investment industry and create solutions that let end users gather their portfolio values, the summary of holdings, insights into their investments etc.

    Dynamic KYC Platforms
    We develop Know Your Customer (KYC) integrated technology platforms that efficiently manage all the KYC regulatory compliance and policies requirements from initial take-on right through the entire client lifecycle.

    Fraud Prevention Mechanisms
    Our security-first developmental approach revolves around safeguarding the Domain and IP access, ensuring that all the unusual differences in user profiles and transactions are monitored and mitigated in real-time.

    Wealth Management software
    We are one of the finance app development service providers that understand what wealth means to every individual, and provide a sophisticated solution for managing the same. We give your customers an avenue to track, mange, and grow their wealth.

    Digital wallets
    Our digital wallet apps are used by millions of users worldwide to transfer money to individuals and banks from within the application through Cards, Mobile Number, QR Codes, and NFC.

    Insurtech solutions
    Being a trusted Finance software development agency, we help insurance companies create a multipurpose app aimed at providing an elevated experience through a multiplatform, intuitive mobility solution for agents, customers, and partners on the move.

    Intuitive Payment System
    We excel in the development of dynamic, payment systems which are based on the integration of multiple payment gateways. We specialize in creating complex payment processors that backs real-time transactions irrespective of the concurrency rates.

    Accounting software
    The accounting mobility solutions that we offer do a lot more than managing the day-to-day financial transactions. They are designed to manage a number of financial information such as immovable assets, liabilities, and cash assets.

    End-to-end Banking Solution
    The Finance & Mobile Banking App Development solutions we offer work for both retail and corporate banks across the globe. With us, banks get a hack-proof environment, performance based microservice architecture, and a product which is a result of user driven lean methodology.

    POS solution
    Our team of Financial app developers excel in the development of an omni-channel and omnipresent POS Solution for both high end retail store chains and everyday mom and pop shops to accept payments from their walk-in customers.

  • Education is no longer locked in the doors of the classroom. With the increasing popularity of e-learning, most of the parents allow their children to use smartphones, tablets, and iPads to download educational based apps. It helps to improve their learning habits. People are using educational apps to get learning solutions that are tailor-made for their needs. Educational apps are beneficial in understanding a new concept or subject quickly with interactive multimedia.

    Dedicated education apps are a great hit amongst the students and teachers alike. It allows them to customize their learning experience as per their pace of learning. If you have an online educational portal, then it would be in your interest to build a dedicated educational mobile app. It will allow you to connect with your students or teachers more effectively. It not only allows your students immersive learning experience but also give several additional benefits.

    At URASOFT, we have a dedicated team of highly skilled educational app developers who have years of experience in developing apps for different types of educational institutions. Whatever your needs are we have the perfect educational mobility solution for you.

    Educational App Features
    We at URASOFT has a great experience in developing customized educational apps. These apps are tailor-made for your unique requirements. We have developed scores of educational apps for online educational portals and other educational institutions. These apps range from the simple playgroup category to the most sophisticated, to give the users an interesting multimedia learning experience.

        * Manage Subjects
        * Manage Courses
        * Attendance System
        * Online Exam
        * eBook Library
        * Discussion System
        * Instant Chat
        * Advance Search
        * Secure Login
        * Online Fee Collection
        * Receipt Download
        * Result Publish
        * Administrative Features
        * Video/Audio Integration
        * Project Sharing
        * Parents Login
        * News/Blog
        * School/College Information
        * Events Publish

    Educational App Development Solutions
    We offer easy to use, scalable and highly functional educational app development solutions for your institution or online educational portals. We have expertise in making educational process simpler and productive through educational apps. We assure for interactive and productive learning experience in our apps.

        * School App
        * Teachers/Student App
        * Kids App
        * E-learning App
        * Coaching Class App
        * College/University App
        * Online Exam App
        * Preschool/Kindergarten App
        * Online Training App
        * eBook Library App
        * Course Selling App
        * Educational Project Listing App
        * Language Learning Education App
        * Tutorial Education App
        * Math Problem-Solving App
        * Classroom Education App
        * Student Portfolio App
        * Parents App


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URASOFT exploit digital technologies and supporting capabilities to help you create a robust digital business model...


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URASOFT is an innovative Indian company founded in 2010. We are expert Data Scientists delivering sales growth services...



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We are focused on our customers, being their reliable partner for IT services and solutions, working together on a partnership basis, helping them face the challenges of the modern times. We believe that investment in our employees is essential to achieve company goals. Our employees have superior expertise knowledge; they are honest, finishing their jobs on time and admiringly presenting the company in front of the clients.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find the best company to outsource software development?

    While outsourcing your software development needs, you need to thoroughly evaluate the company. You need to see the work experience of the company in that particular domain and how technically sound the developers of the company are. In case you have come to know about a software development company through referral, be sure to visit the website and read their client testimonials. Cost is also a major deciding factor especially if you have a tight budget. You can also go through the portfolio of the company to see the projects they have handled.

  • There are a lot of reasons that encourage companies to outsource software development to India. The cost factor is the most significant reason for outsourcing software development. Software product development cost is around $150-200 per hour in the United States and about $10-15 in India. Another benefit of outsourcing is most offshore service providers already have established infrastructures, which help them save a lot on the operational costs.

  • Below are a few challenges that a company might face during outsourcing software development services: 1. Non-aligned goals and expectations: Issue arises when the offshore team is unclear about the goals and expectations of the client. This leads to miscommunication between both the teams, which can be catastrophic in the long-run. 2. Poor quality work: Quality control isa major issue while outsourcing software development needs of the business. If you are unfamiliar with the offshore development team that you have hired, it could lead to the delivery of a product that does not meet your expectations. 3. Geographical barriers: Geographical boundaries and time zone differences always loom large in outsourcing, threatening to derail the entire process of software development. 4. Language and cultural differences: Cultural nuances act a barrier in the communication process. It must be remembered that despite using the same language there is a vast difference in pronunciation, vocabulary, etc., between speakers of English language from different regions of the world.

  • We begin a project by first developing a clear understanding of the features, functionality, and the UI of the software product. We then prepare a working schedule with milestones and checkpoints so as to avoid any time loss due to time zone differences. Committed to delivering great offshoring experience to our clients, we turn the time zone gap into an advantage, where clients send requests in the evening and they can see the results the next morning on reaching the office. In some cases, our team members even occasionally handle planned odd-hour Skype calls.


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